Girls Seeking Guys Online

Geplaatst op 21-02-2023

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QUICK TIP – as a general rule of thumb there will be more women seeking men on long term relationship/marriage orientated sites than sexual casual dating sites. So it makes sense to go where the fishing is easy… that is of course if you are interested in long term relationships.

There are a bunch of locations/social networks and dating sites which you can use to locate girls seeking guys.

These sites have millions of profiles worldwide but you will be more interested in the local profiles – the larger sites such as oasis active, plenty of fish and okcupid should warm you up to what is possible online. But don’t forget to utilise your past networking efforts with facebook.

Friend up old classmates and friends of friends – the more people you know and comment on the less weird it will be when you finally meet up in real life. All of th real connection happens offline of course but establishing a virtual connection helps ease the initial tension.

Whether you have been forced back into the dating scene by a divorce/break-up or you have been single for some time. You are going to have to shed your underlying misinthropia and discontent of social interaction!

That was a blatant assumption but it’s common for guys to feel uneasy about getting back into the dating scene after a long absence.

You have to “socialize” and meet folks your not really interested in meeting just to have the chance of talking to the attractive girl surrounded by dudes. If your dating skills are shabby… you end up spending A LOT of time mulling around not really accomplishing that much. All to find a women seeking a man.


You really need a game-plan if your going to pull this off.

Looking for women already seeking men implies that your after single women of similar age and interest. If your after marriage or serious relationships eHarmony or Loveawake good options. Online matchmaking is really all about setting up offline dates.

The magic happens offline when you are able to use body language and touch to flirt connect with this women. Sure you will have to date a few toads before you find someone that really get’s you and your personality but you have to believe that it’s worth it in the end.

If your looking for a more risky flirty style of matchmaking there is always the casual dating sites such as be naughty!

Throwing up a Craigslist ad is as ancient now as a newspaper ad but could still be effective.

Your on the right track searching for women already on the lookout for men! It’s a great dating tactic to get in front of the audience that your trying to seduce and attract… providing you have a plan!

It’s not enough to just place your profile in front of women seeking men! This is the first step but making this work assumes alot about your ability to impress those that find you >> click on your profile >> and email you.

Let’s just say a lot can go wrong in between an email correspondence and a second date!

Apart from all of the awkward silences and personality mismatching there is the chance that you just wont feel any chemistry. But driven by some mysterious urge to procreate and find that one true love we keep putting ourselves out there!